Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing

About Us

Our mission is to reduce morbidity and mortality resulting from prescribing of opioids and to promote cautious, safe and responsible opioid prescribing practices.

Who we are:

Andrew Kolodny, MD
Brooklyn, NY

Vice President
Michael Von Korff, ScD
Seattle, WA

Rosemary Orr, MD
Seattle, WA

Stephen Gelfand, MD
Myrtle Beach, SC

Jane Ballantyne, MD
Seattle, WA

Irfan Dhalla, MD, MSc
Toronto, ON

Gary Franklin, MD, MPH
Seattle, WA

Pete Jackson
Arlington Heights, IL

David Juurlink, MD, PhD
Toronto, ON

Petros Levounis, MD, MA
New York, NY

Edwin Salsitz, MD
New York, NY

Jon Streltzer, MD
Honolulu, HI

Betts Tully
Chicago, IL

Art Van Zee, MD
St. Charles, VA


Contact Information: